It looks like no MacPro until 2019 is not the only problem we are going to have with Apple.  If they do this to someone with 5.6 million viewers on Youtube can you imagine what they will do to you.

Apple needs to get in touch with their users.  Apple computer are expensive and they are not worth it.  Time to reconsider the entire platform.


UPDATE: 4/18/2018

Are you kidding me. Apple better get their act together.
Let the class action lawsuits begin.

FTC Staff Warns Companies that It Is Illegal to Condition Warranty Coverage on the Use of Specified Parts or Service

Apple slowed down the operating system of older phones.
Apple will not fix it for money.
Apple will not sell you the individual part you need if you want to fix it yourself.
Apple forbids people who they sell parts to from reselling the needed part to you.
Apple forbids fixing broken parts or refurbishing them to reuse.
Apple has blocked replacement parts from working with later OS/firmware updates.


Jim Daugherty

SDFCPUG – Editor