Here is a list of things that I ask before I start a project.  You can bring some of the shots on a drive to the next meeting.  Firewire or USB 2.  Come at 6PM.  From 6PM to 6:30 we have open floor.  I will take a look at you footage and scan thru the work that needs to be done. 

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  1. Project Description: (Log Line)
  2. Hours of Raw Footage?
  3. Format of Master Footage: (AVCHD, RED, etc)
  4. Has it been transcoded to(ProRes or DNXHD)?
  5. Do you have a script? (in the proper format?)
  6. Do you have a log/que sheet?
  7. Do you have notes of any kind?
  8. Storage Requirements: (Estimated Size)
  9. When do you need it done? (ASAP, yeah right)
  10. Have you done a Rough Cut?
  11. Current Editing software:(FCPX, FCP7 iMovie, AVID, Premiere, Sony Vegas) (Mac or PC)
  12. Estimated Finish Time of Video:
  13. Budget: (if any)
  14. Audio: (Score, Sound FX, Foley)(Copyright ?)
  15. Did you use on camera audio or 2nd? (Dual System Sound /Double System Sound)
  16. ADR: (Automated Dialogue Replacement, or Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR))
  17. Contract: (non-disclosures(NDA), future rights, deferred money, credits on video, coffee at starbucks, gas money)
  18. Deliverables: (DVD, BluRay, ProRes, DNXHD, h.264, DCP,  etc)
  19. Color Correction: (Davinci, Speedgrade, Scratch, Magic Bullet Looks)
  20. Final Audio Mix: (Pro Tools, Audition, Logic, Digital Performer, Reason, Prosonus, etc.)
  21. Misc:  (anything someone should know, like you just got out of prison for a heinous murder of your last editor)
  22. Problem that you know: (Noisy Footage, Audio Problems)

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