In today’s exciting video production world, many yearn for the excitement and joy of being on set. The hum of the lights, the satisfying “click” of the camera as it’s placed on the tripod. And let’s not forget the confusion of grip language as they shout for babies, stingers, cookies and the ever elusive C47. But in reality, many of us know that the set is an ugly place where you have to watch the sausage being made. And that initial excitement eventually gives way to hours of un-air-conditioned boredom. And that’s why the less heat-resistant and boredom-avoiding among us have chosen post-production!!!

Yes, POST PRODUCTION!!!! Where the cool, conditioned air is there to keep your edit system — and in turn YOU — at a comfortable 75 degrees! A world where comfy chairs and client snacks fall from the skies like giant raindrops at 2pm in Tallahassee. Where you get edit systems like Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X that are loaded with features and functionality that would look like pure magic to editors of the ’70s and ’80s. But as post-production professionals, that’s clearly not enough for us. We’re greedy buggers that demand more!!! More functionality, more transitions, more light leaks and lens flares and just MORE!!!! And that is why you must attend this month’s SD Media Pros meeting… because yes… you are…a greedy bugger!!!

This month you will marvel at the functionality-extending wizardry of third party plugins. Where the edit system manufacturers fall short, third-party developers have carved out a niche that benefits you. And who better to showcase these plugins than two of San Diego’s most respected, and dare we say revered, post-production professionals. First you’ll be dazzled by the complete mastery of the Adobe suite of products by none other than Emmy-nominated editor and founder of the San Diego Premiere Pro User Group, Eric Addison. He knows Adobe Premiere better than a client knows how to tell you when the line spacing between the title and the sub-title is a pixel off!!! He’ll be showing you his favorite Adobe Premiere plugins and why you too should have them in your toolbox. And from the growing ranks of Final Cut Pro X we have one of the founders of the San Diego Final Cut Pro User Group, Robin Martin. Known in town as an absolute Final Cut Pro X guru, Robin will show you his favorite plugins to extend the Final Cut ecosystem to a level that is simply mind blowing!! Yes, there may be twelve SD Media Pros meetings a year, but this is truly the one you don’t want to miss!!!

Register Now


Riverdale Studios

6314 Riverdale St
San Diego, CA 92120


Weds, June 22
6-9 pm


SDMediaPros (MCA-) Members: Free
Non-members: $15, if pre-registered, $20 at the door.

Presenter Bios

Eric Addison – Eric Addison is the guy behind 100 ACRE FILMS. Depending on the day, he’s a director, producer, cinematographer, and/or editor. He’s a proud graduate of the SDSU film program, winner of some Telly Awards, Emmy-nominated, and a future Oscar contender. His usual projects include corporate spots, promos, commercials, and the occasional short film. He’s also the manager of the San Diego Premiere Pro User Group – which makes sense since he’s been using it since the late ’90s. He’s well versed in cinema, the writings of Ernest Hemingway, and early 80’s video games.

Robin Martin – Robin is the Multimedia Producer & Developer at Mission Federal Credit Union, where he produces web videos, corporate documentaries, short films and TV spots. He is also a freelance filmmaker and editor, working on indie short film projects and weekend film competiti
ons. Robin learned video editing on a Media 100 system in college and has been using Final Cut Pro since version 2. He co-manages the San Diego Final Cut Pro Users Group and is an Apple Certified FCPX user

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