Magic Bullet Denoiser II
Beautiful footage is right there under your noise.

Noisy, grainy footage distracts from the story you're telling. Enter Magic Bullet Denoiser II, your new tool for cleaning video footage without a lot of fuss. Denoiser II removes noise grain and artifacts while leaving the fine details intact. We rewrote the product to increase the reliability and quality while keeping every powerful, professional feature that you liked in Denoiser 1. Choose your level of use with Denoiser II, from smart default settings that give speedy smoothing to advanced options that let you treat more difficult clips. Get great-looking results so your story is seen through the noise.

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Footage courtesy of:
T. J. Baurain and Joe Pollock (most of the clips)
Vincent Laforet & Stu Maschwitz (Nocturne)
Eric Escobar

Seth Worley (Plot Device)

Magic Bullet Denoiser II from Red Giant on Vimeo.

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