San Diego Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting
November 2011

Date:  Monday – November 14, 2011

Meeting Notes and Links:

Walter Murch at the Boston SuperMeet
"In Conversation with Walter Murch" This is the FIRST public appearance by Oscar and BAFTA Award-winning editor Walter Murch since the launch of Final Cut Pro X

Murch's Rules,  “The Rule of Six" (VIDEOLINK)

According to Walter Murch, when it comes to film and film editing, there are six main criteria for evaluating a cut or deciding where to cut.

1. Emotion – How will this cut affect the audience emotionally at this particular moment in the film?
2. Story – Does the edit move the story forward in a meaningful way?
3. Rhythm – Is the cut at a point that makes rhythmic sense?
4. Eye Trace – How does the cut affect the location and movement of the audience's focus in that particular film?
5. Two Dimensional Place of Screen – Is the axis followed properly?
6. Three Dimensional Space – Is the cut true to established physical and spacial relationships?

Dov S-S Simens' 2-Day Film School (Link)

Pixel Flow (LINK) (Free Two Months of Service)


  1. 1st 30 Minutes: Your Questions / Problems / Video Critiques
  2. Industry NEWS and discussion.
  3. Adobe MAX 2011 Sneek Preview of Software (Link)
  4. Motion 5 – The Forgotten App. It is pretty good…
  5. Review: Dov S-S Simens' 2-Day Film School Voted "America's #1 Film Instructor" by the National Association of Film Schools (Link)
  6. Suggestions for Next Month
  7. End (8:30PM On Time)

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