SD Filmmakers 12/9/2010 Meeting

This meeting we listen to Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galatica fame. A presentation from Quick Film Budgets made it clear that I need lots more money. A Comedy called Casting Call made a very funny presentation.

November 2011 Meeting Notes

San Diego Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting November 2011 Date:  Monday - November 14, 2011 Meeting Notes and Links: Walter Murch at the Boston SuperMeet (VIDEOLINK) "In Conversation with Walter Murch" This is the FIRST public appearance by Oscar...

10 MORE Things wish I knew the first time I opened FCP

10 MORE Things wish I knew the first time I opened FCP by Clay Asbury Here is a great bunch of tutorials on little known feature of  Final Cut Pro  6-7 LINK to Article   by Clay Asbury  

Final Cut Pro X is Not a Professional Application?

LINK to Pettion To:  Apple, Inc. We, both the editors and affected filmmakers who rely on Final Cut Pro as a crucial business tool, do so in the same way Photoshop, Maya, Pro Tools, and other...

Notes from the January 2011 Meeting

Notes from the January 2011 Meeting   Template for Projects Fixing Exposure    

Final Cut Pro X Bug List

This list will document the bugs in Final Cut Pro X as they become apparent. Take a look and see if your problem is here....

REVIEW: Final Cut Pro X

Link to Article The Radically Redesigned NLE Indeed Changes Everything, for Better or Worse Scott Simmons July 5, 2011    Source: Studio Monthly This review is an attempt to assess Final Cut Pro X, what may now be the most...

“X” Terminator Day – FCPX Refund Request – Aug 29th

As you already know, on April 12th in Las Vegas during the NAB convention for Broadcast Professionals, Apple choose to demo FINAL CUT PRO 10 (X) at the LAFCPUG’s SUPERMEET to a crowd of broadcast professionals...

FCPX: What Pros Find Missing in Final Cut Pro X

Walter Biscardi June 21st, 2011, was met with the news that Final Cut Pro X was finally available and what a thrill ride it has been! Professionals all over the COW -- all over the...

The Best Video on the FCPX Debacle.

The Best Video on the FCPX Debacle.