FCPX Update 10.2.2 Release Notes

Final Cut Pro X version 10.2.2 release notes Before installing an update to Final Cut Pro X from the Mac App Store, be sure to backup your important files, including projects, events, and the version of...



Every Article I Could Find on FCPX

Every Article I Could Find on FCPX New York Times’ Professional Video Editors Weigh In on Final Cut Pro X Steve Martin’s A First Look Digital Rebellion’s Final Cut Pro X FA+-Q Digital Rebellion’s Final Cut Pro X...

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X (10.0.8) , Motion & Compressor

Story LINK The new updates are free for those who have already purchased the applications, bringing the version numbers up to Final Cut Pro X 10.0.8, Motion 5.0.7, and Compressor 4.0.7. While the updates for...

LitePanels is at it again. Monopoly attempt continues.

Litepanels makers of led lighting is attempting to block the importation of LED product that it says violate its patents.  The patents are at best vague and at the worst an attempt to use...

Final Cut – Youtube Settings

This is the latest setting from Google for the best video from FCP7

SagIndie-Contract Workshop (FREE) 03/14/2013

Workshops are held the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6 to 8pm, and are FREE.


Sometimes you shoot a scene with safety cables or other rigging that you know must be removed later. Maybe your story calls for an actor to have a “twin” in the same shot. Maybe you need a muzzle flash coming out of a plastic gun. These are some of the ways After Effects can help get the job done. For our November presentation, Eric Addison will show us some examples of how AE can save you in post. Maybe you will get some ideas to use in your next production, or learn how difficult that concept you have would be to execute. If nothing else, AE produces some fun stuff to watch.

FCPX 10.04 Update

LINK Apple on Tuesday pushed out updates to components in its professional video suite, bringing overall stability improvements along with a few new features. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4 Apple's professional video editing software gets updated to...

REVIEW: Final Cut Pro X

Link to Article The Radically Redesigned NLE Indeed Changes Everything, for Better or Worse Scott Simmons July 5, 2011    Source: Studio Monthly This review is an attempt to assess Final Cut Pro X, what may now be the most...