SDFCPUG Jan & Feb Meeting Notes



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Free FCPX HDR Plugin

Keynote Demo for Video Magic Lantern

Free HD Static
Tao of Color (Davinci Resolve Infor)
FCPX to Resolve to FCP7 and back
DaVinci Resolve workshop (Montreal 2011)
FCPMTL Workshop
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
New Scriptwriting Software (FADEIN)
Fade In
NAB 2012 Free Codes  April 16-19
Just use code (LV2587) during registration, and you will get your badge ID instantly.
The printed badge will be mailed to you.

10 Rules for the Film Industry
No More Pink slime in McDonalds Hamburgers
San Diego Filmmakers



UCSD Digital Arts Center


Smartsound SonicFire Pro 5



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