Here are free Final Cut Pro Plug-ins from Alex 4D


My Free Final Cut Plugins

Inside-Outside Matte

Define two 3- to 8-point shapes defining the inside and outside edges of a matte.
Uploaded 8 September 2009

Three Horizontal and Vertical Matte Feathering Filters

Use these filters to have independent controls for horizontal and vertical feathering of mattes.
Uploaded 2 September 2009

Improved Crop

Use the filter to crop the edges of a clip, feathering only the cropped edges. You can also invert the crop and choose how opaque the hole is.
Uploaded 24 August 2009 – Updated to v1.1 – 25 August 2009

Improved text Crawl

This generator removes the limit on the amount of text you can use in a crawl, and adds extra features.
Uploaded 17 August 2009

Gradients with Opacity

This generator allows you to set the transparency of the start and or finish of a gradient.
Uploaded 12 August 2009

Six transitions with curve controls

Adding bezier curve controls to transition response curves.
Uploaded 25 June 2009

Lower Third
Alex4D Lower Third Final Cut plugin

This generator provides extra text and positioning options for labelling people and places.
Uploaded 31 March 2009

Alex4D Repeat Final Cut plugin

This filter surrounds a scaled down version of a clip with copies.
Uploaded 2 February 2009

Cube Spin transition
Cube Spin - Alex4D

An improved version of Cube Spin with more controls and bezier controls for the response curve.
Uploaded 1 February 2009

Wave transition
Wave transition filter

A transition plugin that produces a variety of wave transition effects.
Uploaded 31 January 2009

8-point Matte
8-point matte

A filter plugin that gives you the option to scale, reposition and rotate an 8-point matte you’ve set up.
Uploaded 13 January 2009

Ripple transition

A transition plugin that produces a ripple effect on the incoming and outgoing clips.
Uploaded 7 January 2009

Vignette filter

A vignetting plugin giving control over position and aspect ratio.
Uploaded 5 January 2009

Pond Ripple transition

A transition plugin that produces a pond ripple effect on the incoming and outgoing clips.
Uploaded 20 December 2008

Swing filter

A plugin to make objects swing in or out of the screen.
Uploaded 9 December 2008


A plugin to move objects at specific speeds – for example to match scrolling credits.
Uploaded 16 November 2008

Closing Credits

This plugin gives you typographic controls over all names or credits or section titles at the same time. You can also set the credits to scroll at specific speeds.
Updated 29 October 2008

Access to all your fonts

Apple’s plugins don’t give you access to all your fonts. Use these replacement versions to use any installed font.
Updated 29 October 2008

A replacement ‘Scrolling Text’ generator plugin

There’s a bug in Final Cut Pro’s Scrolling Text plugin which pro
duces errors if you use any characters such as ‘ é or ?. This replacement plugin fixes that.
Updated 29 October 2008

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