As you already know, on April 12th in Las Vegas during the NAB convention for Broadcast Professionals, Apple choose to demo FINAL CUT PRO 10 (X) at the LAFCPUG’s SUPERMEET to a crowd of broadcast professionals that use Final Cut Pro 7 (and previous versions) for actual broadcasting work – YET the software they were actually promoting ironically lacked the functionality used by that group in their broadcasting profession. (Functionality that WAS contained in previous versions of Final Cut Pro itself)

At this event Apple chose NOT to mention any of this at NAB SUPERMEET. Why?

Traditionally (and conditionally) Apple used this process to only show us what was added to each new version of Final Cut Pro avoiding the need to recap what we already knew to be there… because it’s an update. Final Cut Pro 4, Final Cut Pro 5, Final Cut Pro 6 and so on.

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