Story #1

Richard Hatch tell the story of his life in show business.

Richard Hatch gave a very informative talk about the the minefield that is HOLLYWOOD. His experiences in the long journey to resurrect Battlestar Galactica made for a very inspirational speech.

Richard Hatch is currently working on a reality show that is based on the behind the scene life in Hollywood.  The original title was "Who the frak is the real Richard Hatch?", It has been changed to "Who the frak is Richard Hatch?"  You can see a trailer for the show at the link below.  The reason for original name was the problem that Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galatica fame is not the Richard Hatch of Survivor fame, that is serving a jail sentences for Income Tax evasion. It is hard enough in to get a job in Hollywood without being considered a felon.  Take a look at the show it looks like a lot of fun.


Story #2

Budgets for you movie faster that a trip ot the accountant.

If you need a budget for you movie quick, then this is the solution for you.  For $149 you get a good working budget that can make the difference between getting the money and getting the boot.

Quick Film Budget allows the user to customize the budget specifically to his or her own screenplay or movie project details.

Using information such as genre, location and final desired budget number, Quick Film Budget creates a full film budget that displays each category including guild rates, union rates, fringes and contingency costs.

For instance, you want to produce a horror film for one million dollars shooting in New York City but aren’t sure what to pay the cinematographer? Just select the genre of horror, click “New York City”, and type in the desired budget of one million dollars. Let Quick Film Budget create the budget for you!


Story #3

Casting Call (Comedy)

 "I think they're making fun of me."

Two of the cast of Casting Call a comedy that will be used for marketing of

Casting Call is a comedy in which five disfunctional entertainment industry wanabees slip into every pitfall and stumble through a chance adventure to making a film.

Will It Entertainment is currently in production on a number of comedic webisodes for, an affiliate resource for companies that provide valuable products and services to actors, writers and filmmakers. The goal is to offer a worthwhile website for those needing information and services from trustworthy, recommended companies.

We are in the fundraising stages for the feature comedy "Casting Call," about five dysfunctional filmmakers that stumble their way into every pitfall and an unexpected adventure to making their first film.

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